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Question 1

Which of the following motors should not be allowed to run at no-load.

Question 2

The distribution factor for 90 slots, 10-pole, 3-phase winding is

Question 3

A 3-ϕ, 20-pole, synchronous generator has 180 stator coils with double layer full pitch winding. The rotor is driven at 300 RPM and flux per pole (sinusoidally distributed) is 25 mWb the voltage induced per phase is nearest to

Question 4

What is the increase in the torque expressed as percentage of initial torque. If the current drawn by a dc series motor is increased from 9A to 11A (Neglect saturation)?

Question 5

A 22 KVA, 50 Hz, 3-ϕ, star connected synchronous generator has an effective resistance of 0.6 Ω. On this generator, a field current of 50 A produces short circuit current of 15 A and rated voltage of 1000 V (line-line).

SCR value of generator will be:

Question 6

A 4 pole lap wound DC generator has 180 coils. The armature is 50 cm long and 30 cm diameter. Each pole subtends an angle of 75° mechanical. The air gap density is 0.5 T. Find out the flux carried by each pole.
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