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GATE 2022 : Electrical Machine Quiz 6

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Question 1

The 3-ɸ transformer connection is shown below in figure. Calculate the secondary line current?

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements regarding Scott connection are correct

Question 3

Figure shows two single phase ideal transformers T1 and T2 of turns ratio 4 : 1 and 2 : 1  with primaries connected in parallel across a 100V, 50Hz source for R=25Ω. The current  taken from the source is-

Question 4

A single phase transformer running on 50 Hz has net core area of 110 cm2 and length of mean path of flux is 180 cm. The core is square in cross section. For a maximum flux density of 2.4 T in core, the magnetic field intensity is 800 A/m. When voltage of 1200 V is applied on primary side of transformer then RMS value of magnetizing current is

Question 5

Two Δ–Y, 11000/400 V transformers are to be operated in parallel. Their primaries in delta connected are energized from the same supply mains of 11 kV. The secondary terminals are marked as a2, b2, c2 for one transformer and a2’ b2’ c2’ for the second transformer and their secondary star connections are opposite to each other. If terminals a2 and a2’ are connected together and neutrals are not connected. Then voltmeter connected b2b2’ reads _______.

Question 6

Two transformers are to be operated in parallel such that they share load in proportion to their kVA ratings. The rating of the first transformer is 1000 kVA ratings. The rating of the first transformer is 1000 kVA and its pu leakage impedance is 0.08 pu. If the rating of second transformer is 350 kVA, its pu leakage impedance is
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