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GATE 2022 : Electrical Machine Quiz 3

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Question 1

Consider the table given:

The correct combination that relates the constructional feature. machine type and mitigation is:

Question 2

A 250 V DC series motor seems at 1000 rpm gives 5 HP and takes a current of 20 A, when the two sections of its field winding are connected in series. The current taken by the motor for the same output when the two sections are connected in parallel is: Given Ra = 1.1 Ω, Rse1 = 0.4 Ω, Rse2 = 0.4 Ω.

Question 3

For an 8-pole, DC machine, if armature is Lap wound, armature resistance is 0.05 Ω. Armature resistance will be ________Ω, if armature is rewound as wave winding.

Question 4

A 220 V DC shunt motor has an armature resistance of 0.2 Ω and field resistance of 110 Ω. The motor draws 5 A at 1500 rpm at no-load. Calculate shaft torque ________Nm. If the motor drains 52 A at rated voltage.

Question 5

A 220 V, 1200 rpm DC series motor has an armature resistance 0.5 Ω and series field resistance 0.2 Ω. If motor constant given as 0.76 V-s/Arad. If motor is operating on rated conditions. Then the value of armature current is_____Amp.

Question 6

A 20 HP, 220 V, 1000 rpm DC shunt motor is operating at an efficiency of 90% delivering the rated torque. The armature resistance is 0.9 Ω and field resistance is 200 Ω. A resistance of 0.2 Ω is inserted in the armature circuit. If the load torque does not change. New motor speed in rpm is:
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