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GATE 2022 : Electrical Machine Quiz 2

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Question 1

A 8 pole generator with 64 coil has a two layer LAP winding. The pole pitch is-

Question 2

What are the commutator pitches of duplex and simplex lap windings?

Question 3

A commutator with a diameter of 40 cm rotates at 1200 rpm. For a brush width of 2 cm, find the time of commutation.

Question 4

The ratio of pole arc to pole pitch in a 4 pole generator is 0.8 and its armature ampere turn is 7000. The flux density in interpole air gap whose length is 1 cm is 0.45 T. The armature ampere turn per pole for interpolar winding is

Question 5

A shunt excited DC machine having armature resistance of 1.5Ω and field resistance of 110Ω, is supplied by 220V. If the supply suddenly drops to 190V. How the armature current will change, initially motor is drawing 15A from supply for constant load torque ?

Question 6

A 8 pole DC generator has 600 armature conductors and has flux, . The ratio of emf generator with winding wave connected in one case and lap connected in second case will be _____, when generator runs at 1000 rpm.
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