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Question 1

which of the following cam profile motion has been most preferred during high speed application and has least jerk

Question 2

The Coriolis component of acceleration is present in __________.

Question 3

In a flywheel, Cf represents coefficient of speed fluctuation, then which among the following expression will show ratio of ωmax / ωmin:

Question 4

Consider a cantilever beam, having neglible mass and uniform flexural rigidity, with length 0.01m. The natural frequency of vibration of the beam, with 0.5kg mass attached at the free tip is 100Hz. The flexural rigidity (in Nm2)of the beam is

Question 5

A constant velocity follower is having a cam profile rotating with a velocity of 40 rad/s. the lift of the cam is 80 mm. and there is no dwell between the ascent and descent of the cam. Find the velocity of the follower at the mid stroke during descent in m/s.( angle of descent is 120)

Question 6

In a single cylinder reciprocating engine the stroke is 50cm. The mass of reciprocating parts is 15kg and the crank rotates at 25rad/s. If one-third of the primary unbalanced force is balanced using a counter mass. What is the magnitude of the remaining unbalanced force (N) along the line of stroke?

Question 7

An epicyclic gear train is as shown in Figure.

Gear 1 having 50 teeth is on input shaft rotating at 65 rpm clockwise.
Gear 2 is a planet gear having 40 teeth.
Gear 4 is ring gear meshed internally with gear 2.
Link 3 is an arm connecting centres of gears 1 & 2.
Gear 4 is fixed.

The rotation of Gear 2 is _____.

Question 8

For two wheels of equal size with 200 pressure angle and the addendum equal to one module, the minimum number of teeth on each wheel to avoid interference must be.

Question 9

For an epicyclic gear train, the input torque=100Nm.(anti-clockwise) RPM of the input gear is 1000(clockwise), while that of output gear is 500 RPM (anti-clockwise).The magnitude of the holding torque for the gear train is____________

Question 10

A rod of mass 4Kg oscillates 24 times in a minute when suspended. What will be the moment of inertia at centre of gravity located about 15 cm from support point?

Question 11

A body of 5kg supported on a spring. If the ratio of damping constant and critical damping constant is 3.26 × 10-3. Find the ratio of initial amplitude to amplitude after 6 cycles.

Question 12

A 30 kg block is suspended using two light wires. The frequency in cycles/sec, at which block will swing back and forth in x-direction, if it is slightly disturbed in this direction is _____________.

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