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Question 1

A system defined by y(n) = is an example of

Question 2

The fundamental period of discrete time signal is

Question 3

For a signal x(t) = u(t + 2) – 2u(t) + u(t – 2) the waveform is:

Question 4

The impulse response of a system is . The difference equation representation for this system is

Question 5

Let the impulse response of one system is given as. The impulse response of second system which is connected in parallel to such that it is making the whole system memory-less is

Question 6

Consider the following integral the value of I is ______.

Question 7

What is the convolution of x1 (t) =sin3t u(t), x2(t) =cos2t u(t)

Question 8

For the inter connected system shown in figure, if h1(t) = h2(t) = 5(t) and h3(t) = h4(t)= h5(t) = u(t) , then overall impulse response of the system is ________ u(t)

Question 9

For the signal X(t) =

The ratio of power content in 1st harmonics and 8th harmonics is _______?

Question 10

Find the cosine representation Fourier series for the signal shown in figure.

Question 11

The Fourier transform of is then Fourier transform of is

Question 12

Consider a periodic signal x(t) = rect(t – 1/2) with time period 'T' = 2. Then the power in the first four harmonics is _____ W.
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