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Question 1

A single phase semi converter is operated from 230V, 50Hz AC supply. The firing angle delay is 60 degrees. The load consists of a high inductance and a resistance of 10ohms.Find the RMS value of the freewheeling diode current ?

Question 2

Figure (a) shows an inverter circuit with a dc source voltage Vs. The semiconductor switches of the inverter are operated in such a manner that the pole voltage V10 and V20 are as shown in figure (b). What is the rms value of the pole-to-pole voltage V12?



Question 3

A 3-ϕ Bridge inverter (120o mode) delivers power to a resistive source from a 400V DC supply. For a star connected load of 20ohm per phase. The RMS value of output current is

Question 4

A three-phase bridge inverter is operating in 120° conduction mode. The RMS value of the fundamental conponent of the line voltage is 415 V. What is the value of input dc source?

Question 5

For a buck-boost converter, supplied from 100 V dc source and a duty ratio of 0.4 with chopping frequency of 100 KHz. If the current through inductor becomes zero at 7.5 μsec of every cycle the average output voltage in V will be:

Question 6

In the circuit shown below:

The average load current, duty cycle and switching frequency are 1.25 A, 0.25 and 25 kHz. The peak to peak output ripple voltage is ________ mV.

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