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Question 1

A dc to dc converter chopper supplied from a dc voltage feed resistive inductive load with a free-wheeling diode.

Without changing the value of average dc current through load. If it is desired to reduce the ripple content in load current, the control action must be:

Question 2

In a voltage commutation chopper circuit, the chopper operates at 400Hz and 50% duty cycle. The load current remains ripple free at 10 A. Assuming input voltage to be 250 V and commutating inductance and capacitance of 1 mH and 5µF. The turn off time of thyristor will be:

Question 3

A type A chopper is fed from a 200 V source. This chopper is connected to RLE load with R= 0 Ω, L = 3.5 mH and constant battery E. For a duty cycle of 0.4. If the chopping frequency to limit the amplitude of load current to 10 A. Find the time period for which freewheeling diode is conducted.

Question 4

For the load requirement of constant Current of 25 Amp, a voltage commutated chopper is designed with commutation circuit specification of 50μF, 20μH & Ton time of 600μsec which is supplied by input voltage of 230V DC. The effective ON period of the circuit is ____sec.
(Answer upto 4 decimal places)

Question 5

In the circuit shown in the figure the diode D is assumed to be ideal. The switch is opened at t = 0 prior to that the inductor carriers an initial current. The voltage waveform across the inductor is

Question 6

A single phase diode bridge rectifier supplies a highly inductive load such that the load current of 25A is ripple free. Input to the rectifier is 230V, 50Hz through a transformer of unity turns ratio. The input power factor of the rectifier is
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