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Question 1

The SCR having ratings of 500 V, 40 A. To enhance the voltage rating, 5 SCR are connected in series and voltage across them is 2100V. Find the derating factor?

Question 2

In a boost chopper circuit if Vs, Vo. L are input voltage, output voltage and inductance, respectively, and when the conducting switch is opened, the rate of change of inductive current is

Question 3

A single phase full converter is feeding a RLE load. The voltage source is of 220V, 50Hz and load is R=5ohms, E=50V & the firing angle of SCRs is 250. The load current is constant as load inductance is very large. Find the average value of load voltage.

Question 4

Which of the following is the advantage of single pulse modulation technique?

Question 5

A SCR has V- Ig characteristics given as Vg = 1.2 + 10 Ig. in a certain application, the gate voltage consists of rectangular pulse of 10 V and of duration 60 μsec width with duty cycle 0.4. The value of series resistance Rs in the gate circuit to limit the peak power dissipated in the gate is 6 W is

Question 6

A boost converter shown in figure below. The output voltage is 40 V. Switch is operating at 50 kHz. The source voltage is 10 V load having a resistance of 5 Ω. The value of critical inductance (in μH) is

Question 7

In a step-down chopper with supply voltage of 100 V and duty ratio of 0.4. The load indicator is 0.5 mH and switching frequency of 20 kHz. the value of load resistance at the point of discontinuous operation will be:

Question 8

In the circuit shown in the figure, the SCRs are triggered at 30° delay. The current (in A) through 100 Ω resistor is

Question 9

A single phase full converter feeds power to RLE load with R = 10Ω, L = 10 mH and E = 50 V, the ac source voltage is 230 V, 50 Hz. For continuous conduction, what is the average value of load current (in A) for firing angle delay of 60°?

Question 10

A 1-ϕ full bridge inverter has rms value of fundamental component of output voltage, with single pulse width modulation equal to 90 V. compute the rms value of output of voltage in case DC source voltage is 180V.

Question 11

The output voltage of a single-phase full bridge voltage source inverter is controlled by unipolar PWM with one pulse per half cycle. For the fundamental rms component of output voltage to be 75% of DC voltage, the required pulse width in degrees (round off up to one decimal place) is ________.

Question 12

The overlap angle due to source inductance in a phase controlled rectifier under continuous conduction does not depend on which of the following.
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