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Question 1

A shaft does not deflect or bend too much due to bending moments if the shaft is;

Question 2

A steam boiler is to be designed for a working pressure of 2.5 MPa with its inside diameter of 1.6 m and thickness is 30 mm. If number of rivets is 45 per row and diameter of each rivet is 35 mm, then the efficiency (%) of circumferential joint is:

Question 3

A Shaft of length 100mm and diameter 25mm is used to transmit torque of 12 kN. The shaft is to be designed for a specified allowable stress, so the factor of safety is determined by, (Assume the material of shaft to be ductile)

Question 4

A band brake having band-width of 80mm, drum diameter of 250mm, coefficient of friction of 0.25 and angle of wrap of 270 degrees is required to exert a friction torque of 1000N-m. The maximum tension (in kN) developed in the band is

Question 5

A bar made of ductile material is subjected to maximum and minimum stresses of 150N/mm2 and 50N/mm2 and has an endurance limit of 194N/mm2 and yield strength of 296N/mm2. The fatigue stress concentration factor is 1.The available factor of safety for this loading is

Question 6

What will be the tensile yield strength if the factor of safety is taken as 2. The values of principle stresses σ1 = 35 MPa andσ2 = -115 MPa were calculated from the Mohr’s circle. Use Maximum distortion energy theory.

Question 7

A Particular section of steel shaft is subjected to maximum bending stress of 160 MPa and a maximum shear stress equal to 60 MPa. The yield point in tension of the material is 400 MPa. If maximum principal stress theory is used, the FOS will be _______.

Question 8

A bracket (shown in figure) is rigidly mounted on wall using four rivets. Each rivet is 6mm in diameter and has an effective length of 12mm.
Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE EC-ME-17-Mar\GATE-ME-2010_files\image086.png
Direct shear stress (in MPa) in the most heavily loaded rivet is

Question 9

A new multiple plate clutch disc having inner and outer diameters 100 mm and 200 mm respectively transmits power through contact surface.If the friction coefficient and permissible intensity of pressure is 0.2 and 1 MPa. Then the no. of pair of contacting surfaces if the torque carrying capacity of clutch at 750 rpm is 1.1 KN-m.

Question 10

The life of a ball bearing at a load of 10 kN is 8000 hours. Its life in hours, if the load is increased to 20 kN, keeping all other conditions the same, is

Question 11

It is required to design a Hydrodynamic journal bearing for a bearing pressure of 1.7 N/mm2. The load carried by the bearing is 8330 N. If the length of the journal is 70mm what is type of bearing?

Question 12

A spring having properties: G = 79.34 GPa, τ = 0.69 GPa, C = 6; is used for punching machine. The compression spring has to support 4 kN load & the diameter of wire is 13mm the number of turns in coil if the deflection under the load is 50mm
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