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Question 1

Simplex method of solving linear programming problem uses ____.

Question 2

A company produce 4800 parts per day and sells them at approximately half of the rate. The setup cost is Rs 1000 and carrying cost is Rs 5 per unit. The annual demand is 480000 per years. The length of each production will be

Question 3

In a forecasting model, at the end of period 13, the forecasted value for period 14 is 75. Actual value in the periods 14 to 16 are constant at 100. If the assumed simple exponential smoothing parameter is 0.5, then BIAS at the end of period 16 is

Question 4

The cost of proving service in a queuing system increases with

Question 5

The demand for an item is 900 units per month and the lead time is 10 days. In the past two month, the maximum demand observed is 50 units per day. For a re-ordering system based on inventory level, the re-order level (in units) is

Question 6

A product needs to be transported form four factories F1, F2, F3, & F4 to three warehouses P1, P2, P3. The corresponding demand & supply and cost for unit transportation for ith factory to jth warehouse is given is matrix below

The total number of constraints for above given transportation problem are

Question 7

The demand for five time periods was 9, 11, 15, 16 and 20. In a time series forecasting model, a linear regression can be represented by an equation F = 5.7 + 2.5 t where F is the forecast for period t. The mean absolute deviations is

Question 8

A project consists of six activities. The immediate predecessor of each activity and the estimated duration is also provided in the table below:

If all activities other than S take the estimated amount of time, the maximum duration (in weeks) of the activity S without delaying the completion of the project is ___________

Question 9

At a production machine, parts arrive according to a Poisson process at the rate of 0.35 parts per minute. Processing time for parts have exponential distribution with mean of 2 min. What is the probability that a random part arrival finds that there are already 8 parts in the system (in machine + in queue)?

Question 10

Just-In-Time production is also known as _______.

Question 11

Two models, P and Q, of a product earn profits of Rs. 100 and Rs. 80 per piece, respectively. Production times for P and Q are 5 hours and 3 hours, respectively, while the total production time available is 150 hours. For a total batch size of 40, to maximize profit, the number of units of P to be produced is ____________.

Question 12

Minimize Z = 3x + 4y

x + 3y ≥ 900

- x + y ≤ 200

x ≤ 0, y ≥ 0

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