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GATE 2021: Fluid Mechanics Rapid Mini Mock

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Question 1

A penstock is 3000 metres long. Pressure wave travels in it with a velocity of 1500 m/s. If the turbine gates are closed uniformly and completely in a period of 4.5 seconds, then it is called

Question 2

Match List-I (Shape of the weir) with List-II (Values of the exponent in eq. Q=KHn) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
A) Rectagular weir
B) Triangular weir
C) Proportional weir
D) Parabolic weir
1) 1.0
2) 2.0
3) 1.5
4) 2.5

Question 3

A hydraulic jump takes place in a frictionless rectangular channel. The pre-jump depth is The alternate and sequent depths corresponding to respectively. The correct relationship among

Question 4

The top width and depth of flow in a rectangular channel were measured as 4m and 1m respectively. The measured velocities on the center line at the water surface, 0.2m and 0.8m below the surface are 0.7m/s, 0.8m/s, 0.6m/s respectively. Using two point method of velocity measurement, the discharge (in m3/s) in a channel is

Question 5

A 4 m wide rectangular channel, having bed slope of 0.001 carries a discharge of Considering Manning's roughness coefficient = 0.012 and the category of the channel slope is

Question 6

The pre-jump Froude Number for a particular flow in a horizontal rectangular channel is 10. The ratio of sequent depths (i.e., post-jump depth to pre-jump depth) is ___________

Question 7

A rectangular channel had a positive surge of velocity 10 m/s moving down the channel. If depth of flow and velocity after the passing of the surge are 4.0 m and 5.0 m/s respectively, the velocity before the passage of the surge is _____m/s.

Question 8

A spherical ball of a material, 150 mm in diameter goes down to a depth of 800 m in sea water. If the specific weight of sea water is 10.19 kN/m3 and bulk modulus for material is 158 kN/mm2, then the change in volume (in mm3) of the ball is

Question 9

The velocity vector in an incompressible flow is given by The acceleration vector at point P (1, 2, 1) at t = 1.0 sec is

Question 10

A centrifugal pump has an axial inlet of 15 cm diameter and an impeller of 36 cm diameter. The width of the impeller at the outlet is 30 mm as shown in the figure. 8% of the outlet area can be assumed to be occupied by the blades. For a flow of 100 lps, the radial component of velocity at the outlet of the impeller is ____ m/s.

Question 11

In a 2 m wide rectangular channel uniform flow occurs at a depth of 2 m, the of flow being m/sec. The height of hump which can be raised without causing afflux will be

Question 12

A pipe of diameter 2.0 m is required to transport an oil of relative density 0.9 and kinematic viscosity 3 x 10-2 Stroke’s at a rate of 4.0 m3/s. If a 20 cm diameter pipe with water at 20℃ (v = 0.01 Stroke’s) is used to model the above flow, the velocity (in m/s) in the model is
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