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Question 1

Centre of gravity of a triangle lies at the point of concurrence of

Question 2

an elevator weighing 10 kg is moving upward with a acceleration of 4 m/s2. the tension in the supporting cable is  _______(g = 10 m/s2)

Question 3

If a ball which is dropped from a height of 2.25 m on a smooth floor attains the height of bounce equal to 1.00 m, the coefficient of the restitution between the ball and the floor is equal to:

Question 4

If a particle is in static equilibrium, then the work done by the system of force acting on that particle is:

Question 5

A rod of length 4 m and uniformly distributed mass of M=40 kg, is released from the rest position which is inclined at an angle of 45 degree to the vertical. Assume acceleration due to gravity, g=10m/s2. At this instant the magnitude of angular acceleration (in radian/s2) of the rod is

Question 6

A light spring of spring constant 50 N/m is kept compressed between two blocks of mass 10 kg and 20 kg on a smooth horizontal surface as shown in fig. After release, the blocks acquire velocities in opposite direction and spring losses contact with the blocks when it acquires natural length. If the spring was initially compressed 100 mm, the final speed of 20 kg block (in m/s) is

Question 7

A truss of 8m span and 4m height is loaded as shown. The angle which the net reaction at A makes with the vertical is ____________.

Question 8

Calculate kinetic energy of an artificial satellite revolves round the earth with a relative velocity of 800 m/s. If acceleration due to gravity is 9 m/s2 and gravitational force is 3600 N, calculate its kinetic energy.

Question 9

For a statically determinate frame, which of the following is the correct graph between number of members and number of joints?

Question 10

The uniform rod in figure weighs 400 N, length of the rod is 12 m

Determine the angle ɵ in degrees.

Question 11

A contraption was to be made for a technical event. In which a ball bearing 500 g starts from a rest and it is to strike another ball bearing 50 cm below it. The ball bearing slides down a tube twice its diameter and is assumed to be frictionless. Find the velocity with which it will strike the ball. Take e = 0.6

Question 12

A block is connected to a vertical spring having adequate damping and stiffness. The block was pulled down thus stretching the spring and then release it. Thus the motion resulted due to it;
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