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Question 1

If for an event A, the odds in favour of the event are 5 to 4. The probability of success of A is:

Question 2

For two matrices A and B, we have the value of

Question 3

A 3x3 matrix has eigen values 1, 3 and 2 The determinant of the matrix will be ________

Question 4

The line integral of the vector field F= 5xzi +(3x2+2y)j + x2zk along a path from (0,0,0) to (1,1,1) parametrized by (t,t2,t)is ­_________.

Question 5

Which of the following function is analytic

Question 6

For the partial differential equation:

The correct statement is:

Question 7

Evaluate where C is the circle |z|=2.

Question 8

Let be the solution of the differential equation with initial conditions and Then the value of is_________.

Question 9

A vector is given by , where i and j are the unit vectors along x and y directions. A vector  is defined as . The value of  is

Question 10

Let f(x) = x ex. The maximum value of the function in the interval (0, ∞) is

Question 11

The function f(x)=ex-1 is to be solved using Newton-Raphson method. If the initial value of x0 is taken as 1.0, then the absolute error observed at 2nd iteration is __________.

Question 12

The value of β such that the given vector field is solenoidal will be:
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