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GATE 2021 : Electromagnetic Theory Rapid Quiz-1 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

A point P is specified in Cartesian coordinate system as P(1,2,3). What will be the points in Cylindrical coordinate system.

Question 2

Two concentric spherical surfaces with r = 2 m and r = 10 m having uniform surface charge densities 40 nC/m2 and 10 nC/m2 respectively. The radial electric flux density at r = 4 m is

Question 3

The velocity vector is given as . The divergence of this velocity vector at (1,1,1)

Question 4

An E-field is given by  = 4x âx+2 ây V/m. Then the work required in Joules to move a unit positive charge along the curve xy=4 from (2,2) to (4,1) is

Question 5

Suppose we have a radiating field given by:

A/m, and it is in free space.

Now, determine the value of magnetic flux (in weber) that crosses the surface which is defined in the area given by: 0 and 0.

Question 6

A filamentary conductor is formed into an equilateral triangle of side 2m that carries a current of 4A as shown in figure. The magnetic field intensity at the center of the triangle will be ….. A/m in az direction.

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