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Question 1

Consider the following signal flow graphs:





These signal flow graphs which have the same transfer function, would include:

Question 2

For an any control system having a settling time is 7 second and peak time is 3 second. So the location of the second order pair of poles is

Question 3

A plant has an open loop transfer function.

The approximate model obtained by retaining only one of the above poles which is closest to the frequency response of the original transfer function at low frequency is

Question 4

Consider a unity negative feedback closed loop system whose open loop transfer functions is . The closed loop poles are

Question 5

Consider a unit feedback control system shown in figure the value of KT. If the maximum overshoot of the system is 25.4 % is __________

Question 6

The Polynomial s4 + 3s3  + 6s2 + 12s + 8 has

Question 7

The root locus of a unity feedback system is shown below

The point at which RLD crosses imaginary axis at

Question 8

Consider a plant whose transfer function is . The resonant frequency (in rad/s) of the sinusoidal transfer functions is ……………

Question 9

The feedback system is shown in below figure.

The Nyquist plot for loop transfer function is

Question 10

If the lead compensator needs to provide a maximum phase lead of 50° at a frequency of 6 rad/sec, so this lead compensator introduces an open loop zero at around.

Question 11

The transfer function and state space representation of a system are

TF =

The element b1 & b2 respectively are

Question 12

The diagonal form of the state space representation of a SISO system with the transfer function can be expressed as
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