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Question 1

In the Op-Amp circuit shown, assume that the diode current follows the equation I = Is exp(V/Vr). For Vi = 2V, V0 = V01 and for Vi = 4V, V0 = V02. The relationship between V01 and V02 is:

Question 2

The feedback used in the circuit shown below can be classified as
2019-11-10.png (1920×1080)

Question 3

If the op–amp in figure is ideal, the output voltage will be equal to

Question 4

An amplifier is RC coupled having a voltage band gain of If the gain at certain frequency is changed to 21 then the change in phase shift (in degrees) will be_____

Question 5

For the circuit shown below

Assume transistors to be identical and VT = 25 mV at room temperature, the output voltage Vo in mV is _____. (given I1 = 10 mA I2 = 2mA)

Question 6

Design the RC elements of a Wein bridge oscillator as in below figure for operation at f0 = 10 kHz

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