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Question 1

Determine the voltage Vo  (in V) in the multidiode circuit shown in the figure below.

Question 2

Assume that the diode cut in voltage for the circuit shown below is Vγ = 0.6 V. So, Which of the given clamper circuit perform the function shown below?

Question 3

The levels of VDS and ID are specified as and ID = IDon for the network of figure

If VGS (on) = 6V ID(on) = 4mA and VGS(Th) = 3V so the value of VDO and, RD for the given circuit is

Question 4

Consider the circuit below. The transconductance of transistor M1 is equal to 40mA/V and that of M2 is equal to 20mA/V. , and . What will be the value of ?

Question 5

For the DC analysis of the Common-Emitter amplifier shown, neglect the base current and assume that the emitter and collector current are equal. Given that VT =25mV, VBE =0.7V, and the BJT output resistance r0 is practically infinite. Under these conditions, the Midband voltage gain magnitude.
Ac = |V0/Vi|V/V, is _____

Question 6

In the circuit shown below the transistor parameters are = 1.7V and.

If ID=0.8mA and VD=1V, then value of resistor RS and RD are respectively?

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