GATE 2020 Topper's Interview of S.H.Gowtham Gudimella (AIR 6 PI)

By Vineet Vijay|Updated : March 19th, 2020

GATE exam is not only the pathway for securing jobs in govt. PSU's or pursuing higher studies in IIT's & NIT's but is also the battlefield where aspirants test their preparation level which lacs of candidates and examine their standing among various other engineers in the country.  Also, some candidates do appear for the GATE exam where they can organize their basics and strengthen their concepts for upcoming challenges. S.H. Gowtham Gudimella is one of these aspirants who has successfully cracked GATE exam with AIR-6 in Production & Industrial Engineering with an aspiration to pursue PHD in IIT-Hyderabad. 


BYJU'S Exam Prep got in touch with Gowtham and he shared his story which will motivate many candidates and give the notion that it is never too late to begin for for your dreams and with dedication and hard work we can achieve whatever we aspire for. 

GATE 2020 Topper's Interview of Gowtham Gudimella (AIR-6 PI)

Gradeup: Please tell us something about yourself and your motivation to appear for GATE 2020


  • I completed my B.Tech from VNIT-Nagpur in 2006.
  • Then I worked for 1 year in TCS after which I completed Masters in Mechanical from IISC Bengaluru between 2007-09.
  • Then I worked for 1 year in BHEL and after from 2010 to till date, I am working as a Scientist in DRDO.
  • I am aspiring to join PHD through external registration program in IIT Hyderabad.
  • As my Post Graduation (Masters) was completed more than 10 years back, I wanted to refresh my basics and this attempt of GATE helped me to organize my basic knowledge in a structured way.
  • This would help further in my PHD interview as they ask the basics of the subject.

Gradeup: Please share your preparation strategy in detail

  • I started first by taking the syllabus of the Mechanical as well as Production & Industrial Engg.
  • I found both syllabi are almost same with PI having some more added topics.
  • So I took a decision to attempt the GATE exam in PI paper.
  • Then I divided syllabus into 4 parts like
    • Aptitude+ Mathes
    • General Mechanical Engg (Design, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engg.)
    • Manufacturing
    • Industrial Engg Operation Research + Miscellaneous Topics
  • Then I planned to complete the basics of all parts parallelly as well as testing my self through topic or subject tests.
  • And finally revised the subjects with old GATE questions as well as Engineering services questions.

Gradeup: Please share some important topics & necessary preparation sources (books/study material etc) to prepare for GATE

  • For PI paper Manufacturing and IEOR forms the majority part. As it is very difficult to guess from which part GATE exam gives questions from the above topics we need a thorough idea of the above subjects.
  • In which especially Forming, Machining, Line Balancing, Reliability, Metrology, Inventory Control, PERT-CPM are very important.
  • Standard Textbooks which we read in BTech are mainly to be seen as reference depending on students comfort.
  • And for quick notes, Champion Study Plan of Mechanical helped me a lot as each topic is explained in a very lucid way.
  • After reading that I practised through their subject/topic tests. Along with that, some videos of BYJU'S Exam Prep helped me in my preparation. The variety of questions in BYJU'S Exam Prep is very good. Other study material I referred is a handbook of Made Easy as well as Arihant.

Gradeup: What are the challenges you faced in your preparation journey?

  • I feel personally my main challenge is consistency in preparation as I needed to balance my job and family with my GATE preparation.
  • For a fresher, it's like B.Tech classes along with projects and placements.
  • So within these restrictions, one should find both time and motivation along with interest to get with preparation.
  • Some times for a few days to weeks I haven't got time to study for GATE due to which I got demotivated. But when I again started preparation by revising already prepared topic I used to gain confidence.
  • One should be honest, dedicate time and effort with constant motivation to do well in Gate type highly competitive exams.

Gradeup: What are some mistakes that you would have done during your preparation, that you would advise fellow aspirants to avoid?

  • Over/under confidence, irregularities in preparation and not being able to avoid silly calculation mistakes are mistakes of mine.
  • So one should stay calm and open during the exam which one can get by giving a minimum of 20 mocks.
  • I personally had appeared for 5 mocks only due to my personal restrictions. To be consistent in preparation one should put at least one hour time in a day either as a whole or in parts.
  • I prefer morning 4 to 6 am or night 12 to 2 am times during which 1 hour time should be extracted by students or working persons to avoid the inconsistency problem.
  • I personally faced the problem of being overconfident during the exam for aptitude questions and did very silly calculation mistakes. 

Gradeup: What was your strategy in the last 1 month before the GATE exam?

  • It's better to complete all basics and get the idea of the syllabus before the last month.
  • Anything remaining part or difficult ones should be tackled through old GATE questions and learn from them.
  • Ideally, the last one month should be dedicated to giving 2 to 3 mocks per week along with thoroughly analyzing them for more time till one gets satisfied with concept as well as the method of solving.

Gradeup: How did BYJU'S Exam Prep help you in your preparation?

  • I should really thank gradeup app as it's the only app I found unique and providing many useful topics notes, tests, formulae sheets and videos of topics.
  • I personally revised the topics their short notes, formulae sheets which helped me a lot as I personally couldn't make any notes or attended any classroom program.
  • One can follow their Champion Study Plan to have consistent preparation, also their video lectures are very lucid and help the student to get the concepts right into our brains easily.
  • Their questions being posted on the app helped me to have a quick look when I am free and helped me to get motivated.

Gradeup: What feature of the BYJU'S Exam Prep App was the most useful for you?

  • Champion Study Plan, Formulae sheets as well as a variety of subject videos by very experienced faculty are the most useful for me.

Gradeup: Any special advice for BYJU'S Exam Prep users preparing for GATE 2021

  • Follow the study plan provided by BYJU'S Exam Prep and depend on gradeup for support.
  • Students who are doing self-preparation or already taking coaching could also depend on video lectures posted by BYJU'S Exam Prep for clarifying doubts and quick revision.
  • One feature BYJU'S Exam Prep is providing that Test Series for all relevant Engg exams is the best feature one can use to crack any exam.
  • Also, be consistent in preparation by revising and writing test at regular intervals to crack any type of competitive exams.
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