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GATE 2020: Strength of Material Quiz 5

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Question 1

When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum tensile stress is developed on the

Question 2

A rectangular column of width 200mm and of thickness 150mm carries a point load of 240kN at an eccentricity of e as shown in the figure. If the minimum stress is zero, find the maximum stress on the section

Question 3

A square beam laid flat is then rotated in such a way that one of its diagonals becomes horizontal.How is its moment capacity affected?

Question 4

A closely-coiled helical spring is made of 10mm diameter steel wire, with the coil consisting of 10 turns with a mean diameter 120 mm. The spring carries an axial pull of 200 N. What is the value of shear stress induced in the spring neglecting the effect of stress concentration and of deflection in the spring, when the modulus of rigidity is 80 kN/mm2?

Question 5

A rod of 20 dia is fixed to the celling of a roof on one end. A rotor of 50 kg mass is attached to the free end with bearing. The CG of the rotor is 10 mm away from the shaft axis. The rotor is rotating at 600 rpm. The max tensile stress (in N/Sq mm) in the rod is nearly equal to

Question 6

In the diagram below plot gives the shear stress flow in a symmetric I section. The value of τ1, τ2 and τ3 is? [t is small, b is breadth of flange and h is height of the section]
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