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GATE 2019 Construction Management Day 4 Quiz

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Question 1

When a project is crashed for a optimum duration
1) Direct cost is increased.
2) Indirect cost is increased.
3) Direct cost is decreased.
4) Indirect cost is decreased.

Question 2

The direct costs of the three activities along with their duration are given. Activities are completed in the sequence of A then B and then C. Then the minimum possible direct cost for the duration of 21 days will be

Question 3

A project has three activities A followed by B which is followed by C. Taking indirect cost of 25 units per week, the cost of completing the project in 15 weeks is given by?
Activity A : 10 weeks-400 units, 9 weeks-450 units, 8 weeks-500 units
Activity B : 5 weeks-200 units, 4 weeks-225 units
Activity C : 3 weeks-700 units, 2 weeks-800 units

Question 4

In PERT analysis a critical activity has

Question 5

For the given project network, where numbers along various activities represent normal time.
Description: Description: 03_Industrial-Engg_BLok_files\image055.png

Find the project completion expected duration (Te)?

Question 6

A project consists of 14 activities, A to N. The duration of these activities (in days) are shown in brackets on the network diagram. The latest finish time (in days) for node 10 is

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