How to prepare for DBT BET JRF 2022? - Know the Best Tips and Tricks!!

By Neetesh Tiwari|Updated : October 7th, 2021

DBT BET JRF Preparation 2022: Biotechnology Eligibility Test (BET) is the national qualifying examination which is conducted by the Department of Biotechnology to grant DBT-Junior Research Fellowship in frontier areas of Biotechnology and Life Sciences. The exam dates for DBT JRF 2022 will be announced soon by the NTA on behalf of the Department of Biotechnology. The DBT JRF eligibility is post-graduation or B.Tech in any discipline of Biotechnology with 50% marks.

Usually, candidates start their preparation a few months before the released notification which is not considered a good step. The DBT JRF exam is conducted once in a year and if you don't start your preparation on time then you will not be able to ace the exam. To prepare you well and help you to achieve your dream, we have come up with this article on Preparation Tips for DBT JRF 2022 exam. We have provided all the necessary details like preparation strategies, recommended books etc in this article. Read on to find out.

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DBT JRF 2022: Preparation Tips & Tricks

The main and important thing that comes to mind of every student during the preparation is how should they start their preparation. Those who find the answer to this question get success in the exam. Basically, the preparation for any competitive exam mainly depends on 5 Factors and what are these factors? Let's look at all the factors one by one in this article mentioned below.

  • Duration of the Study
  • Way of Study
  • Frequency of Practice
  • Duration of Sleep
  • Exercise

1. Duration of the Study:

Many students feel stressed that they are not focusing on the study and cannot give the long hour sitting. Is it necessary to give long hours of sitting, or will the study's short and intense hours help crack the exam? Whenever we ask anyone about the duration of the study during the preparation, the answer will always be Long Hours of Sitting is required. Still, the question arises: is it necessary to give long hours of sitting during any exam preparation? The answer would be 'No'.

Study and Research also suggest that students should give short and intense hours of sitting during the preparation. The time you will start your study, then try to remain focused. The study suggested that an average person should give 80-90 mins for the short and intense hours of sitting. So try to give short and intense hours of study during the GAT-B and BET 2021 Exam preparation.

2. Way of Study:

Students should follow 3R's that will increase their selection chances in the exam. Now, What is 3R's? Let's have a look at it:

a. Repeated: Repeated exposure to the information is very much required during the study to retain the things we have learnt. When you repeat the information repeatedly, you will be able to grab that for a longer time period. So whenever you study, try to repeat things again and again. Here repeating does not mean cramming. Repeated means learning things with repetition.

b. Retelling: After completing any chapter, it is necessary to practice and how we can do it? by asking questions about ourselves. It is known as retelling. In this process, you will ask questions from that completed chapter and test what you have studied. It will help you in recalling the concepts during the exam day.

c. Reflection: It is the most important point in 3R's. After storing the concepts in your mind, it became necessary to reflect them in your answer. For this, you need to practice by writing your answers after the completion of the chapter.

3. Frequency of Practice:

Solve at least 4-5 Previous Years papers and find the topics from which most questions were asked. Note those units and work on them first. Make yourself a master in those units. The more you practice, the more you will be able to recall the things. Practice will allow you to find out your mistakes during the practice and you can work on them before appearing for the final exam. It will also help you check the questions' difficulty level, and you can prepare accordingly.

4. Duration of Sleep:

Duration of sleep also matters during the preparation. It directly impacts our study. If you will not take proper sleep then your mind will not work properly and you will start forgetting the things which you have studied till now. It also helps you to lower the energy used by the body and refresh the brain system again. So it is very important to take proper sleep during your preparation days. 

5. Exercise:

Now you are thinking that why exercise becomes necessary during your study? Then the answer is simply that it will help you not only in maintaining your body fitness but also it helps to break the long hour study sessions. You will feel energetic after doing exercise and your brain will release hormones that are required for your brain and body. You can do yoga and meditation also to refresh your brain and body. 

Books To Be Followed For DBT-JRF Preparation

The DBT JRF BET question paper will consist of parts A (general aptitude and general biotechnology) and part B (sections specializing in biotechnology). We are going to list the best books for part A and part B topics. Check out the list of the best DBT JRF books, which will surely guide you in your preparation and help you to secure a seat in the DBT JRF Examination.

1. Books for Part A - General Aptitude/Biotechnology:

  • General Aptitude
Name of the BooksAuthor/ Publication 
1. A New Approach to Reasoning - Verbal, Non Verbal and Analytical Signal /Arihant Publication
2. General Aptitude Theory and PracticeRam Mohan Pandey
  • General Biotechnology
TopicsBooksAuthor/ Publishers
Biomolecules Structure & Function Biochemistry by LehningerA.L.Lehninger
Biochemistry by StryerLubert Stryer
Methods in BiotechnologyBiophysical Chemistry Principles and TechniquesUpadhaya and Nath/ Himalaya Publishing House
Wilson and Walker’s Principles & techniques of biochemistry & molecular biologyHofmann A
Organization of structure & function of prokaryotic & eukaryotic cellsThe Cell - Molecular ApproachGeoffrey M. Cooper & Robert E. Hausman
Molecular Biology of the cell by Bruce Albert
Cellular ProcessesMolecular BiotechnologyBernhard Glick
Cell BiologyGerald Karp
Recombinant DNA TechnologyGene Cloning and DNA Analysis - An IntroductionT. A. Brown
Genetics, Phylogeny and EvolutionIntroduction to Quantitative GeneticsDouglas S. Falconer
Genomics and ProteomicsDiscovering Genomics, Proteomics and BioinformaticsCampbell

2. Books for Part B - Specialized Branches of Biotechnology:

Agricultural BiotechnologyAgricultural BiotechnologyAshutosh Singh
Animal BiotechnologyTextbook of Animal BiotechnologyB. Singh & S. K. Gautam
Bioinformatics and Computational BiologyIntroduction to BioinformaticsArthur M. Lesk
Environmental BiotechnologyEnvironmental Biotechnology: Basic Concepts and ApplicationsIndu Shekar Thakur
Marine BiotechnologySpringer Handbook of Marine BiotechnologyKim Editor/ Springer Publications
Medical BiotechnologyMedical Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant Bernard R. Glick
Molecular and Human GeneticsHuman Genetics: concepts & applicationRicki Lewis
NeuroscienceSimple Approach to NeuroscienceAbhijeet Satani
Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyPharmaceutical Biotechnology - Concept and ApplicationsGary Walsh
Biotechnology, biochemical, Engineering, Industrial BiotechnologyBioprocess engineering principlesPauline M. Doran

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We tried to cover all the important information regarding the DBT-JRF Exam Preparation Tips 2021. Please ask your doubts if you face any in the comment section below.

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  • Graduate Aptitude Test-Biotechnology (GAT-B) is an All India Entrance Examination to test the eligibility of bonafide Indian nationals for admissions to DBT supported Post Graduate programmes in Biotechnology while Biotechnology Eligibility Test (BET) is the national qualifying examination for the award of doctoral research fellowships under the DBT-Junior Research Fellowship (DBT-JRF) Programme. 

  • NTA has released the exam date. The examination will be conducted on 14.08.2021

  • The exam paper will be in English language only

  • Online Application Form can neither be withdrawn once it is submitted successfully nor application fee can be refunded.

  • Send an email to or call NTA Help Desk at 011- 4075 9000. 

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