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Flow through Parallel Plate and Pipe Pysp II Achievers Practice Quiz 14

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Question 1

Friction factor of pipes depends on

Question 2

For pipes, turbulent flow occurs when Reynolds number is _______.

Question 3

For the water is flowing through a 20 cm diameter pipe with friction factor, f=0.04. The flow will be

Question 4

During the opening of a valve in a pipeline, the flow is

Question 5

Water enters a circular pipe of length L = 5.0 m and diameter D = 0.20 m with Reynolds number ReD =500. The velocity profile at the inlet of the pipe is uniform while it is parabolic at the exit. The Reynolds number at the exit of the pipe is___________.

Question 6

A fluid of viscosity 8.5 poise and specific gravity 0.95 flows through a horizontal pipe of diameter 75 mm and length 10 m. If 1000 N fluid is collected in a tank in 4 seconds, then determine the pressure difference between the two ends of the pipe (in kN/m2). (Let g = 10 m/s2)

Question 7

An oil of viscosity, 10 poise flows between two parallel fixed plates which are kept at a distance of 50 mm apart. What is the rate of flow of oil between the plates if the drop of pressure in a length of 1.2 m be 0.3 N/cm2 and the width of the plate is 200 mm ?
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