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Flow through Parallel Plate and Pipe II Achievers Practice Quiz 15

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Question 1

The fanning friction factor (ff) is

Question 2

Velocity distribution for laminar flow through pipes is given by

(r = radius of pipe, R = distance between axis of pipe to the boundary)

Question 3

The flow through a circular pipe is laminar. Now, the fluid through the pipe is replaced with a more viscous fluid and passed through the pipe again with the same velocity. What can we say about the nature of this flow?

Question 4

For the flow through pipe, Discharge is directly proportion to Dn. Where D, is diameter of the pipe & n is an integer. Then the value of “n” is

Question 5

Which of the following figure shows the correct distribution of viscous shear stress in pipes?

Question 6

Consider the following figure:-

For pipe A & B relative roughness are 0.001 & 0.0001 respectively. Flow in pipes A & B are such that Reynold number is same & its value is 1800. What will be relation between friction factor both pipes A & B?

Question 7

Water at 25° C flows between parallel fixed plates which are kept at a distance of 25 mm apart. Calculate the shear stress at a distance of 6.25 mm from the plate. Given pressure drop per unit length is 2.8 kPa/m.
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