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Flow through Parallel Plate and Pipe II Achievers Practice Quiz 13

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Question 1

Which type of flow is controlled by Reynolds number?

Question 2

Coefficient of friction of a laminar flow is_________

Question 3

What is the value of ratio of velocity at half of radius & velocity at distance where local & average velocity are equal, is :-

Question 4

For the laminar flow in a circular pipe, variation of shear stress on the cross-section of pipe with radius is _____.

Question 5

In Laminar flow the mean velocity of flow is 10 m/s, the shear velocity (in m/s) is _________. (f = 0.32).

Question 6

Water is flowing through a pipe of 40cm diameter with friction factor equal to 0.06 At a distance of 5cm from the axis, the shear stress was found to be 120Pa. What is the shear stress at the pipe wall ___________Pa

Question 7

Water is flowing in a pipe of 5cm in diameter and 200 m in length. If the head loss during the flow in pipe is 4 m. Then, shear stress at the wall when the fluid flow is laminar
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