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Famous Paintings in India Study Notes: Art is not only an important part of any country’s culture and history but also a medium through which any person can represent themselves or express themselves what is happening in society. One of the mediums of art is paintings which give the correct picture of one’s expression and if interpreted correctly, one might be able to understand the painter’s view and opinion towards the subject. India is a land of rich culture and where traditions and rituals change for every person who is travelling the country.

Famous cultures thus are represented through famous arts, some of which can be a portrait of any person or anything. Here we will discuss some of the famous paintings in India. Read the full article to know in brief which can be helpful for various candidates who are preparing for the various entrance examinations. 

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List of Famous Paintings in India [Updated]

Abindranath Tagore- Bharat Mata:

This is one of the famous paintings by Abindranath Tagore which was drawn in 1905 during the independence movement in response to the Partition of Bengal. The painting can be considered as one of the earliest personification/humanizations of the nation as a mother goddess in the form of a lady wearing saffron cloth with four hands each holding different things which are book, sheave of paddy, a white cloth, and a rudraksha mala. Each item the lady is holding can be considered to be representing different cultural practices in India. The painting has been put on display at Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata.

Raja Ravi Verma-Shakuntala:

Another painting by one of the famous painters in India. The picture is the portrait of Shakuntla- one of the characters from Mahabharata who was the mother of Bharata the emperor who united India under his rule and is the ancestor of Pandavas and Kauravas. The painting shows Shakuntala pretending to remove a thorn from her foot while actually looking for her husband Dushyanta. 

Rabindranath Tagore-Self Portrait:

Rabindranath Tagore, one of the famous Nobel laureates, started drawing paintings in his 60s. He has drawn many sketches among which one is a self-portrait which draws the attention of many people. The sketch of the bearded artist has become very popular today. 

Tyeb Mehta- Mahisasur:

Tyeb Mehta was a popular Indian artist and filmmaker. During the great span of his career, he has sold many paintings among which one holds a record for the highest prices. Apart from the highest prices, another painting by Tyeb which holds cultural significance is “Mahisasur” which shows goddess Durga locked in an embrace with the Demon.

Jamini Roy- Three Pujarins:

Jamini Roy is a well-renowned Indian artist famous for Pattachitra which are classical paintings representing Odisha and West Bengal culture. Among many Pattachitra paintings by her one of the very famous paintings is Three Pujarins which shows three almond-eyed priestesses. The painting represents the social practices and various other points of Indian culture.


Amrita-Sher-Gil was a famous Indian Hungarian painter who is regarded as one of the greatest women artists of the early 20th century. Her self-portrait is the one that receives recognition from various parts of not only India but also from the world. The painting is considered to be drawn with such intensity which is hypnotic which draws the viewer towards itself.

Bapuji by Nandalal Bose:

The early 20th century was a high time in India for its struggle for freedom against the British Empire in which many leaders came forward to stand for their nation. These leaders become an inspiration for many artists who represent them in the form of portraits to motivate many people for India’s Independence. One of the famous paintings was Bapuji drawn by Nandalal Bose which shows Gandhiji with a lathi going on Dandi March. The painting is a sign of respect for Gandhiji by Nandala and can be viewed by people at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi. 

Glow of Hope by  S.L. Haldankar:

This painting is one of the most famous paintings worldwide. The painting consists of a lady consisting of a lamp in one hand and the other hand covering the lamp. The lady in the painting is the daughter of the painter who stood there steadily for 3 hours holding the lamp wearing only a traditional Indian dress according to some people. The painting can be considered to represent or teach us not to lose hope even during the darkest time.

The above are some of the famous paintings by Indian artists. Apart from these, some other paintings that gained worldwide recognition are listed below:

  • Sudip Roy's "Charulata Series"
  • Aman Singh Gulati's "Almond Portraits Series"
  • Ramkinkar Baij's "Jakkha 0 Jakkhi"
  • Bikash Bhattacharjee's "Doll-series"
  • Geeta Vadhera's Jogia "Dhoop series"
  • Jahar Dasgupta's "Confrontation"
  • MF Hussain's "Horses-series"
  • Jamini Roy's "Jesus"
  • John Wilkins's "Gossip",
  • Rakesh Vijay "Persian and Mogul styles"
  • Jainul Abedin's "Series on Bengal Famine"
  • Sunil Das's "Bull Series"
  • Devajyoti Ray's "In Despair"
  • B. G. Sharma's Krishna miniatures
  • ShakthiDass's
  • M. Narayan's "Indian Ethnic" "Horses" Mother Teresa"
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