Mindful Motivation: Failure is not the end but an opportunity to begin!

By Sheetal Goyal|Updated : August 31st, 2020

FAIL the most wonderful word which is most hated. What is this four-letter word? Why are we so afraid of this word? Is fail means end. End of our dreams, end of our endless patience, the end to fight back, the end to stand, is it the end of hope? This man silently kept all the answers within him.

Mr Jadav Payeng: “ The Forest Man of India”

Almost three decades ago, as many as five successive waves of high flood occurred in Assam, which resulted in a tremendous loss in terms of lives, property, standing crops, etc. The first flood wave during the year occurred in the month of May, the second in June, and the third and fourth in July.

These waves of flood-affected almost the entire plain districts of the state. The forest area was fully washed away by floods. Many animals died. People were facing problem to survive as there main source of income was the forest and the animals living in the forest.

There was not a single plant or tree left in the entire place. They all lost hope, many tried to plant trees for 1 month,2month even for 6 months but failed as they lost their patience and left the place.

He was 16 when the flood-hit Assam, and Payeng observed that the flow of migratory birds was gradually declining to the forest areas and wetlands near his home and snakes were disappearing in large numbers. This disturbed him.

He after noticing the deaths of a large number of reptiles due to a lack of a tree cover, started planting Bamboo in an area that had been washed away by floods.

Everybody made a joke of him, not a single person helped him not even his friends,

he was a very good student indeed a  bright student in his school.

He always dreamt to become an Engineer.

“I asked my elders, what would they do if all of us die one day, like these snakes. They just laughed and smirked but I knew I had to make the planet greener,” he says.

What a determination at the age of 16!

His village elders told him that with a decline in forest cover and deforestation, animals lost their homes. The only solution was to build new homes or forests for the animals which is next to impossible.

He alerted the forest department they made a joke of him and asked him to plant trees himself.

With his own invention, he built a bamboo platform on the top of each sapling

and placed earthen pots with small holes in them.

The water would gradually drip on the plants below and

water them through the week until the pots were drained of water.

With strong determination and tremendous patience, he kept on planting saplings alone silently for unbearable 30 years.

The Man Who Single-Handedly Converted A Washed Out Land Into a 1,360 Acre Forest.

If he wouldn’t have failed he wouldn’t have got this unbearable and amazing willpower.

The man who fought alone and won the battle single-handedly. He has sacrificed all the worldly pleasures to save the environment and the eco-system. The country needs more such superheroes who are trying to make the Earth a better place to live for one and all.

He had made it possible which is next to impossible by his patience which he had next to infinity.

Hope you got the four-letter word “FAIL”.

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