Explain What CWSN is?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : July 7th, 2022

Children who are born with some sort of disability require special care and assistance to spread their wings and prosper. And the nature of this assistance and care depends on the nature of their disability. This is where CWSN comes into the picture. Keep reading to learn what is CWSN full form and much more.


The CWSN full form stands for Children With Special Needs which includes young adolescents who require special assistance and care to prosper

Now let’s dive deeper to understand more than just CWSN full form. As you know, special needs can include different learning abilities, frequent medical assistance, different teaching methods and much more. 

CWSN Full Form

The CWSN full form stands for Children With Special Needs. It applies to children and young adults who require assistance in different areas such as education. These children are provided with special education that enables them to learn effectively despite their disabilities. Hence, they are able to develop their full potential by learning from teachers who are trained in special education. 

Major Categories Under CWSN

Children with special needs can be classified by the nature of their disabilities and the care they require because of it. Here are the major categories of special needs under CWSN full form:

  • Physical
  • Sensory
  • Developmental
  • Behavioural or Emotional 


Explain What is CWSN Full Form?

CWSN full form stands for Children With Special Needs who are born with certain disabilities and have to face many challenges because of them. These children and young adults require special care to soar and prosper in different areas of life.

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