Explain the Measures to Solve Unemployment Problems

By K Balaji|Updated : September 4th, 2022

The measures to solve unemployment problems are changes in industrial techniques, policy regarding seasonal unemployment, Change in the education system, Expansion of Employment exchanges, More assistance to self-employed people, emphasis on full and more productive employment, an increase in production rate, and More importance to employment programs. Along with this, the measures like population growth can be an effective measure for solving the concern of unemployment.

Measures to Solve Unemployment Problems

Unemployment is one of the primary concerns in the present world. A lot of people are dealing with unemployment. The measures to solve unemployment problems are as under-

  • Change in industrial technique- to solve the concern of unemployment, a production technique must be adopted focusing on the needs and the means of the country. Capital-intensive technology must be replaced by labour-intensive technology.
  • Dealing with seasonal unemployment- Since agro-based and agricultural sectors only provide seasonal employment. Measures like multiple cropping, animal husbandry, horticulture, plantations, and horticulture should be adopted. Also, the industries like the cotton industries should be encouraged.
  • Changes in the Education system- The present education system needs to be changed. It should emphasize vocational education rather than providing static knowledge. Colleges and universities should be available to students who want to pursue higher education.
  • Assistance on Self employment- Most people in India are self-employed, but unfortunately, because of the lack of knowledge, they lack to produce the desired results. So, they must be helped by giving technical training and correctly using the raw materials.
  • Introduction of new governmental measures- The government should take the initiative to increase labor productivity and develop better employment opportunities for all.
  • Population control- Population is one of the major concerns associated with the unemployment rate. So, the population rate should be checked, especially in rural areas where ideas of birth control methods and family planning are not introduced.

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  • The unemployment problem cannot be solved in a short period. Yet, the measures like change in the education system, assistance to the self-employed people, change in the industrial technique, and introduction of better government policies can help.

  • The concern of unemployment in the rural areas can be treated well by the government by introducing new government measures. It is necessary to check on the population in such areas. Also, the idea of seasonal employment must be replaced by other measures like multiple cropping.

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