Explain the Meaning and Importance of Fundamental Rights

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

Some rights are outlined in India's Constitution, as in most other democracies worldwide. These rights are accorded a unique status since they are essential to our existence. We refer to them as Fundamental Rights. It speaks of ensuring justice, equality, and liberty for all of its residents. An essential component of the Indian Constitution is the protection of fundamental rights. In this post, we will learn about the meaning and importance of fundamental rights.

Meaning and Importance of Fundamental Rights

Fundamental rights are always intended to uphold human dignity and foster conditions that allow each person to express their personality fully. On the fundamental framework of human rights, they interlace a predictable pattern. It establishes restrictions on the state, not on interfering with individual liberty in all of its forms. They are necessary for a person to reach their full intellectual, moral, and spiritual potential.

Fundamental rights are recognized as necessary by our constitution. The country's minorities experience a sense of security thanks to fundamental rights. Without fundamental rights like the freedom of speech and expression, no democracy can function. The standards of behavior, citizenship, justice and fair play are granted through fundamental rights. They serve to hold the government accountable.

The six fundamental rights recognized by the Indian Constitution, together with the related constitutional clauses, are as follows:

  • Right to Equality (Article 14-18)
  • Right to Freedom (Article 19-22)
  • Right against Exploitation (Article 23-24)
  • Right to Freedom of Religion (Article 25-28)
  • Cultural and Educational Rights (Article 29-30)
  • Right to Constitutional Remedies (Article 32)

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  • Citizens' freedoms and liberties are safeguarded by fundamental rights, which also stop authoritarian and totalitarian authority from taking root in the nation. They are crucial for the overall development of people and the nation.

  • The Supreme Court has acknowledged a category of fundamental rights as needing a high level of protection from intrusion by the government. These rights have been deemed to exist under due process or are expressly stated in the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights.

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