Exam Day Tips to Crack GATE Exam

By Vineet Vijay|Updated : February 8th, 2019

GATE 2019 exam is just a few days away and it is expected that all candidates would be now revising all the topics you have prepared for GATE Exam. Along with the revision, candidates must be practising a lot of GATE questions. Since only a few days are left for GATE Exam, today we will be sharing “Exam day strategy to crack GATE Exam” which focusses on the Tips to follow during the GATE exam, in order to utilise the 3 hours in the best possible manner and score high.

For those who are not sure on what could be the best way to attempt GATE Exam, we are here to help with Best Tips for GATE exam


Know the GATE paper pattern

  • This question paper consists of 2 sections, General Aptitude (GA) for 15 marks and the subject-specific GATE paper for 85 marks.
  • The GA section consists of 10 questions. Question numbers 1 to 5 are of 1-mark each, while question numbers 6 to 10 are of 2-mark each.
  • The subject-specific GATE paper section consists of 55 questions, out of which question numbers 1 to 25 are of 1-mark each, while question numbers 26 to 55 are of 2-mark each.
  • All questions that are not attempted will result in zero marks. However, wrong answers for multiple choice type questions (MCQ) will result in NEGATIVE marks. There is NO NEGATIVE MARKING for questions of NUMERICAL ANSWER TYPE.
  • For all MCQ questions, a wrong answer will result in a deduction of  1/3 marks for a 1-mark question and 2/3 marks for a 2-mark question.

Tips to Attempt the GATE Question paper?

Method A  

  • You can click on each question and answer using READ/UNDERSTAND/ANSWER Strategy.
  • Keep in mind that easy questions can be solved in less time, so give less time to solve such questions. Difficult questions may take time to solve, you may solve in the second scan of paper.
  • Paper can be solved in one scan or two scans.
  • Using one scan: If you are able to solve or answer the question, then answer it. Otherwise, leave the question. Answering any question should not take more than 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Using two scans: In the first scan, answer all questions which can be solved in less time (not more than 4 minutes); in the second scan, answer all unsolved and reviewed questions to answer correctly.

Method B 

  • You have been provided with scribble pad. So it is easy to answer the online test with the use of scribble pad as similar to the offline test.
  • Entire question paper can be seen by clicking on “Question Paper”. This can help you to solve question by question on scribble pad easily.
  • Solve all possible questions and answer them on scribble pad with A, B, C, D options. After 1 hour or 2 hours of exam time, start marking all answered questions in the online system to ensure there will be no problem at the end.
  • If you answer the questions using complete question paper, there will be no regular interruption of the online marking system. So it is possible to answer effectively.
  • Time can be saved with answering many questions on scribble pad and then mark them on the online system at a time.

Method C

  • You may design your own method and follow it by combining the above two methods to answer the GATE questions effectively.
  • NOTE: Traverse each question during the exam, so that you will know whether you can answer it or not. Try to save your time and spend all your time on those questions where you are sure about solving / answering the questions.

How much time required for solving all questions?

  • Solving all questions of GATE Paper would may require more than 3 hours but try to answer the maximum possible questions that you can solve during 3 hours of time.
  • Solve only those questions which you are confident.

How many questions should be attempted to get good marks?

  • Answering 40 to 50 questions would be sufficient to get good marks.
  • It is possible to get good marks when you give maximum correct answers in the paper.
  • Also, the marks are good or not depends on the branch e.g. 75 is a good score in EC while for ME 80 is good for PSU jobs.

Which section should begin first?

  • If you have prepared General Aptitude, then attempting this section can carry good marks.
  • So start this section if you can answer the GA questions.
  • Otherwise, start with technical questions of your subjects.

Can I guess the answer for some questions?

  • You should never guess the answer for any question of the GATE paper.
  • It may happen sometimes you are able to eliminate 2 out of 4 options and then you may guess to answer such questions.
  • So, keep your guessing maximum to 2 or 3 questions in the paper if it is required, otherwise do not guess at all.
  • You can guess the answer for all numerical type questions when you do not know the answer as they do not carry negative marks.

What are other important points that you should follow for GATE exam?

  • Practice virtual calculator before the GATE Exam
  • Try to get good sleep and make comfortable environment few hours before GATE exam begins.
  • Avoid reading new topics and solving new problems in the last two days.
  • You should note practice mock test last two days before the GATE exam.
  • Carry all necessary thing required for the exam such as a pen, pencil, admit cards etc.
  • Do not carry any electronic items such as a mobile, calculator, etc.

All the Best!!

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