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ESE Prelims 2022 Achievers Non Tech Quiz 2

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Question 1

Renowned personality Koneru Ramakrishna Rao passed away due to age-related illness, he was a veteran ______.

Question 2

A square metal sheet is rolled along its side into a cylinder. What is the ratio of the base radius to the diagonal of the metal sheet?

Question 3

Who has been appointed as the Director General of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)?

Question 4

If a sum of money at simple interest becomes 4 times in 5 years, then in how many years will it become 10 times?

Question 5

Renowned personality and Padma Vibhushan awardee Balwant Moreshwar Purandare (Babasaheb Purandare) passed away recently, he was a noted ______.

Question 6

A, B and C can complete a work in 5, 7 and 35 hours, respectively. At the most only one person can work in each hour and nobody can work for two consecutive hours. Find the minimum number of hours that they will take to finish the work?

Question 7

Indian navy conducted 6th edition of the biennial training exercise ‘EX SHAKTI 2021’ with navy of which other country?

Question 8

Vidya has 50p, 25p, and 10p coins in the ratio 5:9:4, amounting to Rs.206. find the number of coins of each type.

Question 9

Which is the partner state of the 40th edition of India International Trade Fair 2021?

Question 10

In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘LONGEST’ be arranged so that the vowels are at the two ends?
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