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ESE CE: Structural Analysis Champion Quiz 4

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Question 1

What is the carry-over from A to B while using moment distribution for analyzing beam as shown in the figure given below ?

Question 2

What are the bending moments at the ends A and B of a uniform beam AB fixed in direction and position A and B when acted upon by two concentrated loads rd span as shown in the figure below?

Question 3

Which one of the following statements is correct?

Question 4

The shear equation for the portal frame shown in the figure below will be

Question 5

The displacement method is also reffered to as which one of the following?

Question 6

What is the vertical deflection of joint C of the frame shown below?

Question 7

What does the Williot-Mohr diagram yield?

Question 8

What is the force in member 1 for the structure shown in the figure below?

Question 9

The indeterminacy of the frame shown below is

Question 10

Degree of static indeterminacy of the structure as shown in the figure is
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