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ESE Achiever plan || paper 1 || Project Auditing and Termination

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Question 1

Project audit lifecycle passes through following stages:

I – Audit initiation

P - Initial Analysis of project

Q – Preparation of Audit report

R – Baseline definition of project

S – Audio Database

VI – Termination of Audit

The correct sequence of P, Q, R and S is

Question 2

Which of the following type of audit is more relevant to public sector and community development projects?

Question 3

Statement 1: Post audit is essential to perform just after the project completion for all type of projects.

Statement 2: Post audit is performed to identify the pitfalls and to provide corrective measures for effective project monitoring

Question 4

Project Auditing can be performed

(i) Before the starting of project

(ii) During execution of project

(iii) Just after completion of project

(iv) Some time after completion of project

Question 5

A project audit report consists of

(i) Objectives of the project

(ii) Comparison of work progress with planned value

(iii) Recommendations to improve project status

(iv) Conclusions

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