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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 8

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Question 1

Two bars each of length L and of the same material are subjected to the same axial tensile force P. The first bar has a uniform diameter 2d. The second bar has a diameter d for length l and a diameter 2d for the remaining length. The ratio of the strain energies of the two bars U1/U2 is _________.

Question 2

In the case of beams with circular cross-section, what is the ration of the maximum shear stress to average shear stress?

Question 3

For perfectly elastic bodies, the value of coefficient of restitution is

Question 4

Trepanning is used for______.

Question 5

Critical radius of insulation for spheres is given by ______.

Question 6

The locus of the temperature distribution curve in a glass slab with uniform heat generation throughout is______.

Question 7

In a reaction turbine the enthalpy drop in a stage is 60 units, the enthalpy drop in the moving blades is 32 units. The degree of reaction is _________.

Question 8

During a thermodynamic process, 84 kJ of heat flows into the system and the work done by the system is 32 kJ. The increase in thermal energy of the system is.

Question 9

In a balanced counter flow heat exchanger with , the NTU is equal to 1.0. What is the effectiveness of the heat exchanger?

Question 10

A water tank, having its height twice that of any side of the square shaped bottom plate, is made of flat plates and is full to the brim. The ratio of force on any side to that of bottom of the tank will be
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