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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 40

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Question 1

Stagnation point is a point in Pitot tube where ________.

Question 2

The ratio of thermal conductivity to electrical conductivity is equal to _______.

Question 3

Momentum of an isolated system always remains ________.

Question 4

MRP Stands for _________.

Question 5

A plain milling operation is done such that the depth of cut is 3.5 mm and the cutter diameter is 214 mm and the cutter is rotating at a rate of 165 rpm. The feed rate is 650 mm/min. the number of tooth on the cutter is 36. Find the feed rate (in mm /tooth)_______.

Question 6

The clearance ratio of a 4- stroke single cylinder I.C. engine is 10 % of swept volume. The compression ratio of the engine is _________.

Question 7

The peak load on a power plant is 40 MW and a group of four loads having maximum demand of 15 MW, 12 MW, 18 MW and 5 MW respectively are connected to the plant. The capacity of the plant is 60 MW. What is diversity factor of the plant?

Question 8

A 75 ohm resistor carrying a constant current of 1 A is kept at a constant temperature of 27 °C by a stream of cooling water. In a time interval of 1s. What is the change in entropy of the universe?

Question 9

A circular shaft (Diameter 0.5 m) is under torsional load. Mohr’s circle radius of an element on the outer surface of the shaft is 50 MPa. What is the value of the torsional load in KN-m?

Question 10

Coriolis acceleration (m/s2) of a slider moving at 100 m/s on a link rotating at 60 rpm will ___________.
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