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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 33

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Question 1

Calculate Efficiency of the system, the net Work transfer & Heat rejected to sink for a Carnot cycle operates between sources and sink temperatures of 285 °C and – 11 °C. If the system receives 100 kJ from the source.

Question 2

5 m3 of an ideal gas at 1 bar pressure is compressed isothermally in an adiabatic piston-cylinder device to 2 m3. Maximum work input needed by the compressor is

Question 3

The COP of a Carnot refrigerator is 6. The ratio of its lower and higher absolute temperature is :

Question 4

The vander Walls equation of state is (p+a/V2) (v-b) = RT, where p is pressure, v is specific volume, T is temperature and R is characteristic gas constant The SI unit of a is

Question 5

What will be change in entropy of the system if a piston-cylinder arrangement contains 0.06 m3 of Nitrogen at 1bar and 295K is compressed isothermally until the pressure of the gas becomes 6 bar.

Question 6

A certain amount of an ideal gas is initially at a pressure P1 and temperature T1. First, it undergoes a constant pressure process 1-2 such that T2 = 3T1/4. Then, it undergoes a constant volume process 2-3 such that T3=T2/2. The ratio of the final volume to the initial volume of the ideal gas is

Question 7

Two boilers one with superheater (h1= 3200 KJ/Kg) and other without superheater (h2 = 2800 KJ/Kg) are delivering equal quantities of steam into common main. What will be the enthalpy of common main?

Question 8

A rigid container of volume 0.6 m3 contains 1.0 Kg of water at 120⁰C (Vf = 0.00106 m3/Kg, Vg = 0.8908 m3/Kg). the states of water is

Question 9

A 2kW electric resistance heater submerged in 5 kg water is turned on and kept on for 10 min. During the process 300 kJ of heat is lost from the water the temperature rise of water is.

Question 10

A reversible engine operates between temperatures 900 K and and Description: Description: Practice-Set-7_files\image003.png another reversible engine between Description: Description: Practice-Set-7_files\image004.png and 400 K Description: Description: Practice-Set-7_files\image005.png in series. What is the value of Description: Description: Practice-Set-7_files\image004.png if efficiency of both the engines are equal?
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