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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 31

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Question 1

On a particular day, the atmospheric air was found to have dry bulb temperature of 30oC and wet bulb temperature of 18oC. The barometric pressure was observed to be 756mm of Hg and partial pressure of water vapour as 9.62 mm Hg. Find the specific humidity in gm/kg of dry air.

Question 2

Ratio of maximum shear stress developed in a rectangular cross-section beam to that developed in a circular cross-section beam for the same average shear stress is

Question 3

The crystal structure of austenite is ________.

Question 4

3 kg of water initially in saturated liquid state at 2 bar, 25°C[vf = 0.231/m3/kg, uf = 520 kJ/kg, hf = 510 kJ/kg, hg = 2399 kJ/kg]. Heat is added isobarically such that temperature of water raises to 420°C [h = 3385 kJ/kg, u = 2520 kJ/kg, v = 0.058 m3/kg]. Calculate the heat added during the process (in kJ)_______.

Question 5

The maximum theoretical work obtainable, when a system interacts to equilibrium with a reference environment, is called __________.

Question 6

A closely coiled helical spring is cut into two equal parts. What will be the ratio of the deflection of any of the resulting spring to the deflection of the original spring for the same load?

Question 7

What is the correct sequence of operations in powder metallurgy?

Question 8

For the given epicyclic gear train if the Gear A is fixed and Arm C makes 20 revolutions, the number of revolutions made by Gear B will be ________.

Question 9

A long cylindrical pipe is wrapped with an insulating material. Up to the critical radius of insulation ________.

Question 10

A company requires 9000 units of a product annually. It costs Rs. 3 per unit. The cost per purchase order is Rs. 300 and the inventory carrying cost per unit per year is 20% of the unit cost. The economic order quantity (EOQ) for the company is __________.
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