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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 30

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Question 1

Which one of the following defects is ‘Schottky defect’?

Question 2

In a flow field, at the stagnation point _______.

Question 3

Fuel consumption of a diesel engine is 10 gm/sec when the power output is 160 kW. If the mechanical efficiency is 75%, then the indicated specific fuel consumption is ____ kg/kWh.

Question 4

If n = number of members and j = number of joints, then for a perfect frame, n =

Question 5

In gears Lewis equation is used for finding

Question 6

A house construction is example of

Question 7

Polar moment of inertia of a hollow shaft having D and d as outer and inner diameters, is given by ________.

Question 8

Tin-zinc solders are used for joining __________

Question 9

Efficiency of Carnot engine is 50%. If the cycle direction is reverse, COP of the refrigerator working on reversed Carnot cycle will be _________.

Question 10

What is the effect of increase in steam rate on boiler size?
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