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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 3

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Question 1

A plate of thickness 0.001m, distant from a fixed plate , moves at 6cm/s and requires a shear force of 12 N/m2 to maintain this speed. The fluid viscosity is____

Question 2

There are two radiating surfaces having area, A1 = 5 m2 and A2 = 10 m2. The ratio of shape factor F2-1 to F1-2 is __________.

Question 3

In a deltoid linkage in four bar mechanism, the number of revolution of shortest link corresponding to one revolution of longest link if one shortest link is fixed is ___.

Question 4

A spring has wire diameter d and coil diameter D . If d and D are halved, the resulting deflection will be _________.

Question 5

The plane of maximum shear stress has normal stress that is

Question 6

During January, at a location in Rohtang, winds at-6 °C can be observed. Several meters below the ground, the temperature remains at 27 °C. A scientist claims to have devised a power cycle exploiting this situation that has thermal efficiency of 10%. Whether the claim is true?

Question 7

A mass of 10kg is attached between two spring having stiffness  15kN/m & 10kN/m respectively.The frequency of the system is (in Hertz)

Question 8

Two metallic blocks having masses in the ratio 2:3 are made to slide down a friction less inclined plane starting initially from rest position. When these blocks reach the bottom of the inclined plane, they will have their kinetic energies in the ratio

Question 9

A well insulated vessel containing air is heated to double the pressure and temperature 150% of initial. The amount of air that leaked is

Question 10

A shell is fired from a cannon. At the instant the shell is just about to leave the barrel, its velocity relative to the barrel is 3m/s, while the barrel is swinging upwards with a constant angular velocity of 2 rad/sec. The magnitude of the absolute velocity of the shell is
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