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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 29

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Question 1

Vacancy defects in solids is a sub type of _________.

Question 2

For an open channel at critical depth the flow becomes ________.

Question 3

In a throttling process _________.

Question 4

An SI engine, working on ideal Otto cycle, has a compression ratio of 8. If the ratio of specific heats is 1.45, then the air standard efficiency of the engine is ___________.

Question 5

A pump handling a liquid raises its pressure from 1 bar to 30 bar. Take the density of the liquid as 990 kg/m3. The isentropic specific work done by the pump (in kJ/kg) is __________.

Question 6

Mechanism is said to be converted to structure if the degree of freedom of mechanism reduced to _________.

Question 7

A cylindrical casting of 40 cm diameter and 20 cm height is to be cast by using a gating system having ingate area of 2 cm2 with a gating ratio of 1:2:2 and top gating is used for this The head available for filing metal into the casting cavity is 25 cm The maximum flow rate of the molten metal in the casting cavity if the density is 8g/cc will be (cc/s)?

Question 8

Which of the following bearing is having maximum load bearing capacity in a given radial space _________.

Question 9

At breakeven point there is ________.

Question 10

For the given figure, which of the following shows the correct shear force?
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