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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 20

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Question 1

What is the number of nodes in a shaft carrying three rotors?

Question 2

For the fully developed laminar flow and heat transfer in a uniformly heated long circular tube, if the flow velocity is doubled and the tube diameter is halved, the heat transfer coefficient will be

Question 3

Determine the ratio of the buckling strength of a solid column to that of a hollow column of the same material having the same area of cross section. The internal diameter of the column is half of the external diameter. Both columns are identical length and are pinned or hinged at the ends:

Question 4

For one-ton refrigeration capacity of the plant, if the heat rejection ratio of condenser is 1.4, the COP of the plant is __________.

Question 5

Resilience of a material becomes important when it is subjected to

Question 6

What is the value of the shape factor for two infinite parallel surface separated by a distance d ?

Question 7

Speed of particle executing simple harmonic motion with amplitude 'A' is half of the maximum speed. At that instant, displacement of the particle is

Question 8

If a certain mass of moist air in an air tight vessel is heated to a higher temperature, then

Question 9

A plane flow has velocity components, and w=0 and x, y and z directions respectively, where T1(≠0) and T2(≠0) are constants having the dimensions of time. The given flow is incompressible if

Question 10

After expansion from a gas turbine, the hot exhaust gases are used to heat the compressed from a compressor with the help of a counter flow compact heat exchanger of 0.6 effectiveness. The number of transfer units of the heat exchanger is _________.
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