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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 17

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Question 1

It the surface tension of water in contact with air is 0.075 N/m. what correction need to be applied to compensate capillary rise in the manometric reading in tube of 4 mm diameter ________.

Question 2

Find the increase in pressure required to produce 1 percent reduction in volume of water. Take bulk modulus of elasticity of water K = 2.16GPa

Question 3

Match List-I (Cycle) with List-II (Equipment) and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists.
A. Air refrigeration
B. Vapour Compression refrigeration
C. Vapour absorption refrigeration
D. Steam jet refrigeration
(1). Absorber
(2). Flash chamber
(3). Turbine
(4). Compressor

Question 4

The Centroid of the given figure is

Question 5

The coordinate of centroid of shaped area is

Question 6

For a spring mass system with a dashpot, if a force of 49 N on the dashpot produces a velocity of 0.12 m/s, (mass =10 kg and spring constant =300 N/m) find the damping factor

Question 7

For air-conditioning applications having capacity of more than 200 TR, the recommended compressor is:

Question 8

Mohr’s circle for a state of stress(MPa) given below. What is the center and radius of the circle?

Question 9

Mohr’s circle for the state of stress defined by MPa. What is the radius of a circle __________.

Question 10

A vehicle suspension system consists of a spring and a damper. The stiffness of the spring is 3.6 kN/m and the damping constant of the damper is 400 Ns/m. If the mass is 50 kg, then the damping factor (D) and damped natural frequency (fn), respectively, are
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