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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 16

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Question 1

Match the followings:

Question 2

An open cylindrical tank of 2.2 m height and 0.6 m diameter contains water for a depth of 2 m. If cylinder is rotated about its vertical axis and the paraboloid touches the bottom of cylinder then the amount of water spilled and the corresponding angular speed are _____________.

Question 3

A man is throwing a ball in a hall. The ceiling of that hall is 25 m high. He throws the ball with a speed of 40 m/s. What should be the maximum angle with the horizontal so that it can go without hitting the ceiling of the hall?

Question 4

The equation of effectiveness ϵ = 1 – e-NTU for a heat exchanger is valid in the case of

Question 5

A lap joint in tubular parts is made by ____.

Question 6

Identify the flow in which, the fluid on moving slowly gets a well-defined streak-line is known as:

Question 7

What is the average shear stress acting on a rectangular beam, if 60 N/mm2 is the maximum shear stress acting on it?

Question 8

Consider a simply supported beam of length 50h, with a rectangular cross-section of depth ‘h’ and width ‘2h’. The beam carries a uniformly distributed load of the intensity of w per metre. The ratio of the maximum bending stress to the maximum shear stress anywhere in the beam is ____.

Question 9

For a governor running at constant speed, what is the value of the force acting on the sleeve.

Question 10

Consider the following statements:

1) Charcoal is smokeless solid fuel of black colour.

2) Charcoal has less energy density as compare to Bioethanol.

3) Charcoal is used in the production of high-quality steel.

Which of the following statements is/are correct __________?

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