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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 15

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Question 1

Considering the variation of static pressure and absolute velocity in an impulse stream turbine, across one row of moving blades

Question 2

When 3-2-1 principle in used to support and locate a three dimensional workpiece during machining, the number of degrees of freedom that are restricted is

Question 3

At resonance, the amplitude of vibration is

Question 4

An arc welding process is carried out with open circuit voltage 200 V and short circuit current of 1200 A. The power characteristics is linear and the voltage arc length relationship is given as V=48+4L(V in volt and L  in mm).For the maximum power condition find the arc length in mm

Question 5

A nail of mass 0.015 kg is driven into a fixed wooden block, Its initial speed is 25 m/s and it is brought to rest in 6ms. Find the impulse.

Question 6

For a mechanism shown below, the mechanical advantage for the given configuration is
Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE ME 18-Mar\GATE-ME-2004_files\image038.png

Question 7

Find the friction angle , if the given rake angle is 10 ° and chip thickness ratio is 0.3. assume that it follows merchant's theory

Question 8

For a laminar flow over a flat plate if free stream velocity of fluid is 10m/s. Boundary layer thickness near to wall is 10mm, determine wall shear stress. Take dynamic viscosity as 0.863 Poise. Velocity profile is given by

Question 9

Estimate the factor of safety based on maximum principal strain theory for the following Principal stress states for hot-rolled steel has given, σ1 = 200 MPa, σ2 = 150 MPa, σ3 = 50 MPa and μ= 0.3 Yield strength of material= 300 MPa   

Question 10

In a machine shop certain type of machine breakdown at an average of 3 per hour in accurate with Poisson process. The estimated cost of Idle machine is Rs. 15/-per hour. Repairman taken 10 min on an average to repair a machine and his wages are Rs. 8 per hour. The work shift is 10 hours. Determine the total cost to the company due to machine breakdown.
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