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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 11

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Question 1

Two gases X and Y having the same temperature T, the same pressure P and the same volume V are mixed. If the mixture has the volume V and temperature T, then the pressure of the mixture will be:

Question 2

A 2kW electric resistance heater submerged in 5 kg water is turned on and kept on for 10 min. During the process 300 kJ of heat is lost from the water the temperature rise of water is.

Question 3

The cutting force in punching and blanking operations mainly depends on

Question 4

A concentrated load of P acts on a simply supported beam of span L at a distance Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE ME-28-Mar\GATE-ME-2003_files\image026.png from the left support. The bending moment at the point of application of the load is given by

Question 5

A beam of length L is carrying a uniformly distributed load w per unit length. The flexural rigidity of the beams is EI. The reaction at the simple support at the right end is

Question 6

Which of the following integration method can be used to find the deflection of a beam?

(of Bending Moment equation)

Question 7

In a spring-mass system, the mass is 0.1 kg and the stiffness of the spring is 1 kN/m. By introducing a damper, the frequency of oscillation is found to be 90% of the original value. What is the damping coefficient of the damper?

Question 8

A vehicle suspension system consists of a spring and a damper. The stiffness of the spring is 3.6 kN/m and the damping constant of the damper is 400 Ns/m. If the mass is 50 kg, then the damping factor (D) and damped natural frequency (fn), respectively, are

Question 9

A flat plate collector is 150 cm wide and 180 cm high and is oriented such that it is perpendicular to the sun rays. Its active are is 90% of the panel size. If it is in a location that receives solar insolation of 1000 W/m2 peak, the peak power delivered to the area of the collector will be

Question 10

In solar flat-plate collectors, the absorber plate is painted with selective paints. The selectivity is the ratio of
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