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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 10

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Question 1

List-1 shows instructions and List-2 shows addressing modes. Match List-1 with List-2

Question 2

What is the coefficient of compressibility of a fluid in which 0.3% decrease in volume is observed when pressure is increased from 8MPa to 16MPa?

Question 3

A steel connecting rod having Sut = 1000 MN/m2, Syt = 900 MN/m2 is subjected to a completely reversed axial load of 50 kN. By neglecting any column action, if the values of ke = 0.85, kb = 0.82, kt = 1.5 q 0.6 and N 2, the diameter of the rod will be nearly

Question 4

While transmitting the same power by a shaft, if its speed is doubled, what should be its new diameter if the maximum shear stress induced in the shaft remains same?

Question 5

Which emission are reduced by coal gasification?

Question 6

A 125 mm long, 10 mm diameter stainless steel rod is being turned to 9 mm diameter, 0.5 mm depth of cut. The spindle rotates at 360 r.p.m. With the tool traversing at an axial speed of 175 mm/min, the metal removal rate is nearly

Question 7

which of the following apparatus is used for measuring gauge vapor pressure of liquefied petroleum ________.

Question 8

Consider the following statements regarding the bomb calorimeter:

1) Bomb calorimeter is used for determining calorific value of solid fuels only.

2) Bomb calorimeter is used for determining calorific value of solid as well as liquid fuel.

3) It measure higher calorific value of fuel at constant pressure.

Which of the following statements is/are correct?

Question 9

If the absolute jet exit velocity from a jet engine is 2500 m/s and forward flight velocity is 1000 m/s, then propulsive efficiency is __________.

Question 10

Two reversible refrigerators are arranged in series and their COP’s are 4 and 6. The COP of Cascade refrigeration system would be ___________.
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