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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Thyristor & Their Characteristics, Application of Diodes & Thyristor in Circuit

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Question 1

A resistor is connected across the gate cathode terminal of a thyristor increases its

1) dv/dt rating

2) holding current

3) noise immunity

4) turn off time

Question 2

Consider the following statements about diodes:

1. Reverse recovery time of Schottky diodes is of the order of nanoseconds.

2. Gold or platinum is doped in the layers of fast recovery diodes of fast recovery diodes.

3. Fast recovery diodes operator faster than Schottky diodes.

Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 3

In given voltage commutation circuit, Vs = 230 V then What will be the peak inverse voltage across free wheel diode and main thyristor respectively?

Question 4

The magnitude of Anode current will increase in a thyristor when it’s gate current is

Question 5

Figure shows a thyristor controlling power in a load resistance RL. The supply voltage is 240 V dc and the limit for di/dt is 50 A/µs. When Rs=5 Ω, the minimum value of L (in µH) needed for protection is

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