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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Three Phase Induction Machines 1

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Question 1

A 3-phase induction motor is running in opposite direction to the rotating field. Determine the slip of the motor.

Question 2

When the speed of the 3-phase induction motor is very near to the synchronous speed, the torque developed is:

Question 3

A 3 phase induction motor is a 4-pole machine running on 50 Hz supply. It has rotor resistance and stand still reactance of 0.21 Ω/phase and 2.1 Ω/phase respectively. If starting torque of the motor is 30 N-m, then rotor voltage (in Volts) at standstill will be

Question 4

The starting torque of an auto transformer starter for 40KW, 400V 3-phase induction motor is 68% of full load torque. Assume the slip at full load to be 4.5% and SC current to be six times the full load current. What is the transformation ratio?
Assume. Ignore the magnetizing current of transformer and motor.

Question 5

In which of the following motors rotor resistance speed control is used?
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