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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Phase Controlled Rectifier 2

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Question 1

In a three phase semi-converter, if firing angle is less than or equal to 60°, then the duration of conduction of each thyristor and diode would be respectively.

Question 2

In a three-phase half wave diode rectifier using 3 diodes,

Question 3

A three-phase semi-converter feeds the armature of a separately excited dc motor supplying a non-zero load torque. For steady state operation the motor current is found to assume zero value at certain instances of time. At such instances the armature voltage

Question 4

A three phase fully controlled bridge converter is feeding a load drawing a constant and ripple free load current of 10 A at a firing angle of 30°. The approximate Total harmonic Distortion (% THD) and the rms value of fundamental component of input current will respectively be

Question 5

A six-pulse thyristor bridge rectifier is connected to a balanced three-phase, 50 Hz AC source. Assuming that the DC output current of the rectifier is constant, the lowest harmonic component in the AC input current is
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